Our featured author for October is Donald Sobol, author of the “Encyclopedia Brown” mystery series.  Donald Sobol was born in New York City on October 4, 1924.  He attended Oberlin College after serving in World War II.

Donald Sobol began writing when he took a writing course in college.  He then worked various jobs for the New York Sun, eventually becoming a journalist.  He became a buyer for Macy’s in 1953, but left that job a few years later to write full time.

Mr. Sobol wrote his first series, “Two Minute Mystery,” from 1959-1968.  It was in 1963 that Donald wrote Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective.  This led to the rest of this popular mystery series, which is written in short-story format.  Donald Sobol has also written a number of nonfiction books, articles, and stories.  Donald Sobol passed away on July 11, 2012.

For more information about Donald Sobol, or to check out one of his books, please see the “Happy Birthday” display in the LMC.