Book Checkout and Renewals

Kindergarten, first grade, and Center students in grades K-2 may check out one book at a time.  Second grade students and Center students in grades 3-4 may check out two books at a time, and students in grades 3-4 may check out three books at a time.  

Books may be kept for one week, and they can be renewed up to two times.  Students are encouraged to bring their books back on time, because other students are often waiting to check out those books.  Students in grades 1-4 can exchange their books on days other than their library day by coming to the LMC with a library pass from their teacher.


Overdue Materials

If a book is not returned on the day it is due, it is considered overdue.  Overdue notices are printed once a week and given to teachers to send home with their students.  If your child receives an overdue notice for a book that you believe was returned, have your child come see me.  If often happens that a book is returned before the teacher gives out the notice.

Students who have overdue books cannot check out books until the overdue books are returned.  Once a book is 4 weeks overdue, you will receive a notice in the mail charging you the replacement cost.  If a student finds a book that was previously paid for, he/she may return the book for a refund.